Are you an expert?

Entrepreneurs are good at what they do, right?
They’re so good that they could be teaching people what they know – and this is exactly what we do at the Digital Entrepreneurs Academy. We help entrepreneurs turn their expertise into online courses so they can help others succeed in life by gaining more knowledge and fulfilling their career dreams. If you’d like to turn your expertise into an online course, join us today. We’ll let you know how you can become a digital entrepreneur so you can start capitalising on your expertise today!

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Turn your expertise into income

After many years in business you have a wealth of knowledge that could be turned in online courses so others can learn from you,
don’t you agree?
By turning your expertise into online courses, you will have an income as well as sharing your knowledge and helping others to become more knowledgeable. Join our group of experts who are creating courses!

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Create online courses

Some people love the idea of creating their own courses but they are terrified of the camera. Online courses require you on video – at least 60% of the time – so we have developed a training programme with psychologists to help you overcome these fears. Our traning includes: Content Creation®, Filming and Editing at home or Film and Edit with a Filmmaker in Studio. Join us and start creating your online courses today.

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Sell your courses online

Once you have created your online course, you can upload on our platform free of charge. We only charge a commission once the course has been sold. We will help you with marketing campaigns to promote you and your course. It’s a great way to generate more leads for your business too.

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Become a digital entrepreneur

Some people don’t see themselves as digital entrepreneurs but we can change that!
We help you create your digital course so you can start selling it online. Are you an entrepreneur, lawyer, manager, teacher or any other title we have not listed here? Well, we can help your turn your expertise into an online course and you could become a digital entrepreneur today!

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Become a Digital Entrepreneur

We will send you information how you can upload your courses on our platform