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DateApr 12, 2017
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About Instructor

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What will I learn?

Set up house or apartment to rent on Airbnb or similar sites
 How to maximise exposure by marketing to many different types of clients

  • No previous experience needed. You just need to be able to rent your house or a room in your house.

Rafael dos Santos is a Brazilian-British multi-award winning entrepreneur in London. For 12 years Rafael had his own property business: managing and letting rooms in flatshares and holiday flats (vacation apartments) in London. In this course, Rafael shares all the trick and tips on how to:

  •  Choose your property, furnish it, decorate it, take photos and advertise it
  •  Types of beds, bed linen, pillows: how to choose, store and clean them
  • What to provide in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom to your guests
  • The process of booking, checking in and checking out your guests
  • Communication via email and in person
  • Create a ‘how to folder’ to keep your guests informed
  • How to WOW your guests with simple gestures – so you receive amazing reviews
Who is the target audience?
  • Homeowners, those renting whole properties with spare rooms and agents managing houses for property owners
  • People who aspire to run their own property business
  • Property owners

Lecture 1WelcomeFree Preview

Welcome to: “How to start your hospitality business”.

My name is Rafael and for 12 years I run my own property business in London.
I started from zero so I have done everything you can think of: I cleaned houses, unblocked toilets, changed the linen then moved on to manage people, buy and sell properties. I purchased, refurbished and decorated around 50 properties from studios to 7 bedroom houses.

Lecture 2From setting up to receiving your guest to earning more with your bookings
Lesson 2Process 1/4: setting up the property Free Preview

In this lesson, you will learn how to set up a property prior to inviting a photographer into the house. You will see an example of a 1 bedroom flat, where you add the furniture, how you set it up and the process involved – set by step.

Lesson 3Process 2/4: Advertising the property Free Preview

 In this lesson you will learn about:

  • Types of properties
  • Types of rooms
  • Types of beds
  • Bedlinen (types and storage)

I will give you a guideline of every single step that you most take before your property goes on Airbnb website and then you can have guests booking your room or your property.

Lesson 4Process 3/4: First booking and check in process Free Preview

In this lesson you will learn about security:

  • Locks for cupboards and wardrobes
  • Outside key holders
  • Wifi locks
Lesson 5Process 4/4: Check out process
Lesson 6Types of properties, bedrooms and beds and linen
Lesson 7Types of locks (inside and outside the property)
Lesson 8What to provide in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom
Lesson 9How to get good reviews
Lesson 10What could go wrong?
Lesson 11How to WOW your guests
Lesson 12How to make more money?
Lesson 13Contact details for private mentoring