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2 Aug 2017

Flash Wednesday: How to Shoot the Best Photo for Instagram?

Instagram, the photo-sharing application for the younger generation, is a great platform to market your business and engage with your audience aesthetically. With 90% of its users under the age of 35 and 1 million active advertisers, Instagram has been recognised as one of top 100 iPhone Apps in the world. Its surge in popularity has amplified the importance of image marketing. Why? The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than other types of data, and 90% of the information input in the brain is visual.

Wonder how those Instagram gurus attract followers and exert economic influence on their viewers? Here are some tips and statistics to help you produce memorable images on Instagram.

First of all, you need to find your unique style and make sure your posts are consistent throughout your page. Having a signature style help your viewers know the kind of works you create and what to expect from your feed.

Then let’s talk about compositions. Leaving enough background space in your pictures can generate 29% more like than those without; Using the Grid feature in your camera to align your subjects along the lines or where the lines intersect. This technique is called the rule of thirds, a golden guideline in visual images, and is believed to create tension, power and engagement in your image.

(Camera Grid; Source: Travishayto)

Moving on to the content of your Instagram photos, textured images generate 79% more likes than smooth images. Image texture refers to the spatial intensity and arrangement of colours. Think about it this way: oil paintings have more textures than watercolour due to the thickness of the paint. You can create texture by shooting strong shapes and lines, manipulating space to add more depth and layers (closer or further, in the front or behind). Or you can simply try to shoot from different angles and choose the one that shows the most complexity of space and colours, and yes photoshop is always an option.

(Textured Architecture; Source: GRAF1X)

When it comes to colours, predominantly blue images generate 24% more likes than those with a red dominant colour. Moreover, pictures with a single dominant hue performed 17% better than those with multiple dominant colours.

If you are keen on posting selfies, duck face selfies tend to receive a whopping 1,112% more likes compared to those without duck faces.

Finally, after you have taken satisfactory photos, it is all about editing, and lots of it. Lightness and saturation are two essential elements to manipulate in this stage. Light images are 24% more popular than dark images on social media while less saturated pictures received 18% more likes compared to those with more vibrant colours. Some might argue that strong colours have more visual impact, but as always, this depends on the situation and the subject matter. Low saturation can enhance the contrast of shapes and lines by weakening the contrast of colours; Colour contrast can help emphasise shapes and lines that’s otherwise less obvious.

Do you feel more confident about shooting better photos for Instagram now?

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