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1 Aug 2017

Tech Tuesday: Google Trends and Hashtags – Find Hot Topics to Write in Your Blog Posts

Google Trends and Hashtags – Find Hot Topics to Write in Your Blog Posts

Every Tuesday, I will share some tech boosts for your businesses. This week let’s start with Google Trends and hashtags and how you can manipulate information to your advantage.

Google Trends is a search facility that indicates the popularity of particular search items across time. For example: how many people searched for ‘how to make chocolate cakes’ in the past year. You can see where this search was most popular (region) and the time of the day or night the search was popular.

Hashtags allow you to take ‘part in the conversation’ that is happening around a subject or ‘start a conversation’. It also puts you in front of the right audience. Read on…

Google Trends –

(Source: Google Trends)

As shown in the graph above, I compared the terms ‘digital marketing’ and ‘content marketing’ and you can see that digital marketing is much more searched online than content marketing. This is important for me to know since I launching a digital marketing agency and will be helping entrepreneurs with their email marketing campaigns.

Most people vaguely know what google trends do, but not many are making the most of its marketing potential and keyword insights.  This tool allows you to compare the popularity of similar terms (such as digital marketing and content marketing) and predict trending topics in a specific region, over a specific time period.

There are four sources of search data you can choose depending on your objective: web search, news search, image search and google shopping.  With google shopping, not only can you look into how your brand is doing among your competitors, but also will you be able to observe shopping habits to help you run targeted campaigns.

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“Not familiar with Google Trends, or just don’t use it that often? Columnist Benjamin Spiegel shows us how to use this tool for obtaining localized keyword insights. Available at: “

As marketers, you want to know what people in your target region would like to know, how and when would they like to know it. Google Trends is where you can discover materials and connect the dots for storytelling. What spiked people’s interest in a particular term in all of a sudden? How can you adjust to the market and capitalise on this trend? Google Trends can assist you plan and optimise your business by giving your audience what they want, where they want it and when they want it.

# Hashtags

Many businesses do their marketing campaigns on Twitter and Instagram, and those successful ones know how to manipulate hot topics and direct their content to the right group of audience. Appropriate type and a number of hashtags help your target audience navigate the site and find the information they are looking for.

When applying trending topics, use hashtag metrics, such as Keyhole and TweetReach, to look for the exact top hashtags that everyone else’s using. When creating your own hashtags, it is important to keep it direct and consistent. Desirable marketing results are usually achieved by launching engaging contests and events:. Camp Brand Goods created the hashtag #keepitwild to engage outdoor enthusiasts on Instagram in their fun weekly photo competition.

(Source: Instagram)

Most of the major social platforms support hashtags: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest. The final take home message for hashtags: the more specific (or niche) your hashtag is, the more engaged your target audience will be.

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