Tech Tuesday

1 Aug 2017

Tech Tuesday: InfusionSoft – The Sales Platform You Need


Nearly 9 out of 10 of micro businesses (with 0 to 9 employees) do their own marketing and sales campaigns. It is understandable that small businesses often don’t have Economies of Scale to outsource their marketing and sales platforms. However, keeping in touch with every existing and potential client is a demanding job that prevents many small businesses from growing. What about automation? Do your customers really want to receive robotic emails spams? The key is to find the balance between the degree of business automation and personalised message, so you don’t lose your lead during your growth.

InfusionSoft provides almost a textbook solution to this dilemma. It is a multifunctional sales platform that incorporates email marketing campaigns and client relationship management in one product. The company aims to help small businesses grow by showing them how to work smarter. The biggest challenges for companies to adopt technologies are cost, time, and fear, and InfusionSoft is not cheap. However, the return on investment is long term and positive if you use it correctly. The software has intuitive drag-and-drop user interfaces, and the company even offers one-on-one KickStart Coaching to make sure that you achieve desirable results.

Email marketing campaigns in InfusionSoft are automated with preset steps and branches to tailor messages for clients in different phases of the sales funnel and who took different actions to the email campaign.

(Source: InfusionSoft)

Their Client Relationship Management system has a tagging feature that allows you to categorise your contacts by gender, region and networking events, which is perfect for running personalised and targeted campaigns. Once you set Infusionsoft up, it can automatically capture and nurture leads for your business. The Lead Score feature in the CRM enables business owners to customise the criteria for a desirable lead.


(Lead scores are represented by flames next to contacts’ names; Source: InfusionSoft)

Why not automate your marketing and sales activities while managing the relationship with individual clients? Free yourself from repetitive sales tasks and focus on the bigger picture of your company. Keeping executing marketing and sales the old way may risk giving up the competitive advantage to those who choose to adopt automation technologies.

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